Conscious Globalism by David Schwerin

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Conscious Globalism

David Schwerin

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Conscious Globalism explores today’s conflicts — economic, political and social — and offers pragmatic solutions. Looking behind the globalization headlines, Schwerin expands on the time-tested principles in his first book, Conscious Capitalism (Butterworth-Heinemann 1998). Many books have been written about the challenges faced when cultures collide and the pace of life quickens, but most suggest only superficial solutions — dealing with effects rather than causes. Schwerin probes deeply and finds that an erroneous view of reality — with its corresponding distortions — is the source of most problems. Conscious Globalism draws on the author’s 30 years of business experience and a life-long study of ageless wisdom to provide practical tools and models for resolving global conflicts and enriching lives.

Author David SchwerinAuthor Bio

David A. Schwerin is the author of Conscious Capitalism: Principles for Prosperity published by Butterworth-Heinemann in 1998. His book has been translated into Portuguese and Chinese and is in its second printing in China. He has over thirty years of business experience, beginning as a financial analyst and senior investment officer with a large bank and then founding D J Investment Advisors, Inc., serving as its president since 1976. David has taught economics on the college level and has given expert witness testimony on financial matters, his articles have been published worldwide and he has often been quoted in the press.

David received his undergraduate degree in Business, a MBA in Finance and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies. He was awarded membership in Beta Gamma Sigma, national business honor society and is a member of the Financial Analysts Federation and The Sustainable Business Network. He serves on the board of directors of a number of non- profit organizations and is Chairman of the Pathwork Press.

David has given lectures, presentations and radio and TV interviews throughout the U.S. In 2001 and 2002 he gave over a dozen lectures on a variety of business topics to political leaders, business executives and academic audiences in eight cities in China.


“Conscious Globalism is thought provoking, topical and compelling. Dr. Schwerin addresses, with eloquent prose and wry wit, the challenges and rewards of global enterprise. Recognizing the wide spectrum of interests, he uses a cogent selection of real-world examples to show that ‘values-driven idealism can be combined with results-driven pragmatism’ to the lasting benefit of all inhabitants of our global village.”
— Geoffrey C. Thomas, retired Director, General Motors Acceptance Corporation; Chairman, GMAC Mortgage Corporation

“David Schwerin is doing great work in reminding the business community of its enormous responsibilities. Economic globalization has given corporations great freedom; hence,much depends on how they use it. Those who read Conscious Globalism will have their tendencies to conscientiousness and inclusive concern strongly reinforced. Thanks for doing this.”
— John B. Cobb Jr., Co-author, For the Common Good